Only the Best for Your Pets

Inspired by a long-time customer who called asking, “Which water is best for my dogs?”

Beth and her nine dogs live in Durham, North Carolina. Two of her dogs (whom she refers to as her “babies”) suffered through recent battles with cancer. Beth teared up while sharing about her difficult experience. “I have enjoyed your water for two years. So, thank you,” she said. “I love my dogs and I want the best for them. I thought, oh man! I’ve always gotten good water for me. What about my dogs?”

Water is fundamental for all living creatures. Lynne Whitbeck, Horse Trainer and Holistic Animal Care Consultant states, “Good water is important for everyone. We’re all mammals that have similar functioning needs. And with an environment that already has so many stressors, having good water helps animals’ bodies to process those stressors that much better.”

Why do Dogs need Purified Water?

Dogs drink a LOT of water. Water is essential for healthy digestion, cushions their joints their joints for easy movement, gives that healthy sheen to their coats, and countless other functions. Similar to humans, 70-80% of their lean muscle mass is water. Dogs need to drink at least one ounce of water for every pound of body weight, and even more in hot weather.

In most places, tap water contains a combination of chlorine, fluoride, dissolved pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, radiologicals, microplastics, and many unregulated potential contaminants. Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, veteranarian at the Animal Medical Center in New York City states for PetMD, “If you wouldn’t drink (tap) water, you shouldn’t give this to your dogs.”

This sentiment is echoed here in our animal-loving Santa Fe community. Laura Moore, who owns local favorite pet shop, Critters & Me, was happy to share her opinion on water and animals.

“We do not want our critters or ourselves to have the City water containing chlorine and any other additives they may be putting in it. Also, it is important that they get the trace minerals. Chlorinated water decreases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus needed for healthy bones in our critters. We encourage all of our customers to use purified water. Most use Reverse Osmosis, for themselves and their critters.”

Reverse Osmosis: The Best for Pets!

Dr. Gerald Wessner of the Holistic Veterinary Clinic, Summerfield, Florida, prefers “pets to be watered with a filtered product such as reverse osmosis.”

Reverse Osmosis is perfect for your pets. It contains trace minerals just like water in nature, without potentially harmful contaminants that can make their way into your ground water. Outdoor pets who live near industrial manufacturing plants, agriculture, or in urban environments could be drinking contaminated water. Keep a big bowl of RO available outside for your animals who spend time outdoors. Tap water, while treated, can be highly chlorinated, contain fluoride, or have absorbed materials from local plumbing systems. This is another great reason to give your pets RO.


RO membranes remove fluoride, disinfectants, excess minerals, heavy metals, dissolved pharmaceuticals, radiologicals, micro-plastics, unregulated contaminants, and hundreds of thousands of potential contaminants, while our specialized carbon filter removes chlorine.

Reverse Osmosis is the best for most pets! Please remember, however, if you have questions or are concerned about a specific health issue and your pet, ask your vet or trusted pet-care professional.

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