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Water is Life

FreshPure® Waters is proud to share Water is Lifean article written for Santa Fe Spirit Magazine in 1993, by founder Greg Friedman. Health of people and the planet are central to what we do here at FreshPure® Waters. Written in the first few years of the company’s inception, Water is Life captures the spirit, vision, and mission of FreshPure® Waters.



Water is Life

Santa Fe Spirit Magazine 

By Greg Friedman 


Greg Friedman is President of FreshPure® Waters in Santa Fe. He has been studying water purification and designing customized systems since 1991. 


Water is as ancient as the world itself. It is part of our earliest memories as a species, as a world. Water links us to the formation of the Earth. The water that flows within us could be the same water that our earliest ancestors had in their bodies, just as the air we breathe connects us with the breath of all life. With its ancient rhythms, the water that flows within us connects us to all the species of the world and reflects the flow of life itself. 

Like the water that covers the Earth, the water in our bodies carries nourishment to our cells and transports waste away from them. This link with the ebb and flow of the water that covers most of our planet is part of our cellular heritage. As we cover the land with our footsteps, we carry within us the ancient mineral formula of the oceans. Each of us is a drop in this disembodied sea.  

Like the Earth, we are mostly water. As we mature in the womb, we are surrounded by water. Our most complex organ, our brain, floats in water. When we sit in a warm bath in a darkened room, the dry world vanishes as we create a link through which inner and outer realities become one. 

Our sacred link with water was understood by our ancestors and was part of their ceremonial activities. Many of the ceremonies and their meanings have lost their value in the modern world. Water is not as respected as it once was. As a result, it has been so polluted that it has lost much of its ability to cleanse us and our planet.  

Water has the ability to interact with and assimilate almost every substance on Earth, for even a diamond will dissolve in water if given enough time. Water touches everything. It falls through the air, runs along the surface of the planet, and then seeps into the ground. In this process, everything on the Earth becomes part of our water, which in turn becomes part of us. 

Our water may be polluted by many toxins including lead, arsenic, nitrates, aluminum, gasoline, radon and chlorine. Many of these can be best removed by filtering the drinking water. However, certain toxins are best removed at the point of entry into the home. They are contained in the water we use to bathe in and are absorbed through the skin. In fact, taking a 15 minute bath in water that has chlorine or other volatile compounds in it allows as many toxins to enter an adult’s body as drinking two gallons of the same water. The absorption levels are even higher in children.  

Water filtration is only a symptomatic treatment for a problem which need to be addressed out of respect for our planet, and our past and our future. Until our water is again healthy in its natural state, we must make use of filtration to keep the drops of that sacred, disembodied sea pure and clean.