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Just Say No to Single-Use Plastic: 6 Simple Lifestyle Tips

Did you know that microplastics have been found in 80% of cities’ water supply, world wide? As a small, green company, fighting an uphill battle, we ask for your help in keeping as much plastic as we can out of our landfills, oceans, and drinking water.


One of the very best ways to help is to say no to Single-Use Plastic. It’s a small lifestyle change that packs a big punch. Each of us has the opportunity to positively impact the plastic crisis by eliminating Single-Use Plastic items like straws, disposable silverware, and (you guessed it!), water bottles.

Here are a few simple tricks to start reducing Single-Use Plastic waste:

You’ll notice that every single option not only avoids plastic, but saves you money in the long run!

  1. Buy Bulk! A GREAT way to save money and reduce plastic use is go buy your grains, nuts, seeds, different kinds of flour, trail mix, dried fruit, chocolate, (Should I go on? Why not.) sugar, dates, hominy, spices, beans, coffee, tea, culinary herbs, and so many more in bulk. The bulk section often offers organic items at a lower cost than packaged items. They save a ton of money on packaging and are able to share the lower price with you. Such a win-win!
  2. FreshPure® Waters. Incorporating FreshPure® Waters bulk water into your routine is a great way to avoid single use plastic. All you need is a couple of reusable bottles and a dispensing crock to complete your green set-up. Now you’re ready! Then, fill up a stainless steel or glass personal water bottle with FreshPure® Waters at home.
  3. #BringYourOwn. Disposable plastic water bottles are on the top of our list to go, and not just because we’re a bulk water company. Alternatives are so fun! There are so many companies making amazing, trendy, fun, useful water bottles. We LOVE Klean Kanteen’s campaign, #BringYourOwn.Choose your favorite color or pattern, they can keep your water cold or tea hot, so convenient! Economically, they’re the way to go, too. It’s pretty expensive to keep buying plastic water bottles.
  4. No Straw, Please! Who needs a straw anyway? Kindly let your server know to leave out the straw when they grab your drink.
  5. Disposable Silverware. Next time you order take-out, just say no to disposable silverware. Use your own at home, or keep a handy set in the car for on-the-go moments. I keep a wooden camping set in my glove-box for such occasions!
  6. Coffee Cups & Plastic Lids: Bring an insulated coffee cup to your local coffee shop and give up the paper cup with the plastic top! Many coffee shops even give customers a discount for bringing their own.
  7. Packaged fruit or vegetables: Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Don’t stop at shopping bags- bring your own produce bags too.

We hope this helps! Below, you’ll find a few companies who also put their effort and energy behind breaking the plastic cycle. Check them out!

Amazing Companies who make it easy for us to adopt #NoSingleUsePlastic:

Thanks for getting on the #NoSingleUsePlastic train with us!