Taste the difference!

Just as fresh-squeezed OJ tastes better than packaged juice, FreshPure® Waters tastes better than bottled water. Quench your thirst with water that’s purified on the spot. Fill your container with your choice of FreshPure® Waters Reverse Osmosis , Deionized Water, and HighpH water for less than half the price of bottled water. Invest in freshness, ultra-purity and great taste. Why pay for disposable bottles, labels, transportation and storage? FreshPure® Waters are good for your health, good for your wallet and good for our world.


Just like the natural foods you select, you deserve fresh, safe, great-tasting drinking water. The purity of our FreshPure® Waters meets or exceeds that of off-the-shelf bottled water, as well as EPA standards.

It is important to note that while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ensures that your city water is safe, and does not exceed the recommended EPA Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for various impurities, many people believe that even low levels of contaminants are undesirable in drinking water. What are these contaminants? Chlorine, chloramines, trihalomethanes and fluoride; volatiles such as benzene, toluene, MTBE and gasoline; and heavy metals such as lead, iron, aluminum and arsenic can all exist in your tap water. In areas of high population growth or intense agricultural activity and livestock concentration, it is also common to find nitrates, pesticides and herbicides in water.

The MCL guidelines are set by the EPA. But at National Water Services, we believe that you deserve better water. Our FreshPure® Waters system meets or exceeds EPA standards as well as that of off-the-shelf bottled water. Our natural process removes or reduces virtually all of the contaminants found in your municipal water supply.




National Water Services employs the most exacting quality standards among self-serve water purveyors. Our FreshPure® Waters systems are engineered from the finest components available, and meet or exceed all city, state and federal testing requirements. You’ll find the FreshPure® Waters system within your local natural food store, never outside where it could be exposed to damaging elements or vandalism.

A service technician regularly cleans, checks and sanitizes our equipment, and tests the FreshPure® Waters to ensure that our high quality standards are maintained. A record of cleaning and maintenance is kept at each FreshPure® Waters dispensing machine, and is always available for your inspection.

Due to our intensive monitoring, components are replaced before there is a decline in the quality of the water. It doesn’t happen often, but should a problem arise, we immediately dispatch a certified service technician to inspect the system and resolve the issue. No other self-serve water vendor meets the rigorous quality control of FreshPure® Waters.