The FreshPure® Waters Natural Process


Water flows through our multiple filters like water percolating through the sedimentary layers of the earth. Our reverse osmosis membrane imitates the ability of human cells to filter out contaminants. Ultraviolet light incorporates the same purifying spectrum as the sun to ensure maximum water safety and quality. Our comprehensive filtration process, backed by constant monitoring, ensures that FreshPure® Waters are always healthy and delicious. Taste the difference!

Our state-of-the-art purification system begins with water from your local municipal water supply, an EPA approved source.

Sediment filters reduce concentrations of particles such as sand, dirt, rust and algae.

Carbon Filtration reduces organic taste and odor causing substances as well as chlorine and chloramines.

This filtered water is then passed through a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane which works on a molecular level to remove up to 99% of any remaining contaminants and minerals.

For Deionized Water…

At this point, some FreshPure® Waters Reverse Osmosis water is sent through an ion media to become FreshPure® Waters Deionized water.

For RO and DI Water…

As a further polish, another carbon filter removes all taste and odor from both the FreshPure® Waters RO and DI water.

As the final safeguard just before dispensing, both FreshPure® Waters RO and DI water pass through high intensity ultra-violet light to ensure ultimate water safety.

Our on the spot processing produces the freshest, purest and best tasting water for you: FreshPure® Waters

Our FreshPure® Waters High pH water starts as our Premium Reverse Osmosis water then goes through multiple stages of enhancement which produces great tasting High pH Alkaline water.

Our FreshPure® Waters High pH water undergoes six stages of treatment before being dispensed.

Our state-of-the-art purification system begins with water from your local EPA approved municipal water supply. This water goes through a three stage process that includes sediment filtration, full carbon bed and reverse osmosis.

Next, the water travels through multiple sets of minerals which provide a pH and alkalinity boost. After the water is alkalized it enters the final purifying stages: a carbon filter and Ultra Violet light, to ensure ultimate water quality.

Our natural alkalization process mimics similar conditions that are found in nature resulting in permanent alkalization. Some alkaline waters are not stable and lose their alkalization in a short period of time. Our process also creates a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)*.

By eliminating the costs that go into the high price of Alkaline bottled waters, such as: bottles, preservation, labeling, packaging, shelving, storage and fuel, National Water Services, Inc. is able to deliver FreshPure® Waters High pH water at a fraction of the cost of bottled alkaline water.

The Hydrologic Cycle: Nature’s Own Purification System

Nature recycles the earth’s limited water supply through a process known as the water or hydrologic cycle. Powered by energy from the sun, water evaporates from the vast surfaces of the ocean and transpires from plant biomass. Convection lifts the moisture, which cools and condenses into clouds. Water is eventually returned to the earth as snow, sleet and rain. This precipitation accumulates as freshwater on the earth’s surface and percolates below in the ground.


Freshwater represents just three percent (3%) of all water on earth, and nearly 70% of that is frozen in ice and in glaciers.The other 30% of freshwater is located in the ground. Surface freshwater sources, such as rivers and lakes, constitute only 1/700th of one percent of the planet’s total water. These are the primary sources of the earth’s drinking water.

There is widespread concern about the deteriorating quality of freshwater in North America. Growing demand, coupled with increasing levels of pollutants, has led many people to question the safety of their municipal water supplies.   Even though city water treatment plants are carefully regulated by the EPA, a lot can happen to water as it travels to your faucet. Tap water is dependent upon the condition of city infrastructure and your home’s plumbing. Lead, asbestos, copper, brass and PVC, which are common plumbing materials, have all been linked to health disorders.

At National Water Services we believe that everyone deserves safer, better tasting water. We have been providing high quality, delicious FreshPure® Waters at natural food stores since 1991.