FreshPure® Waters: Better than Bottled    


Self-serve FreshPure® Waters offer better value and freshness over pre-packaged bottled water. Though consumers pay a premium for it, bottled water quality standards vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and from water to water. Bottled water comes in many forms and with many names. There is Spring Water, Mineral Water, Sparkling Water, and Artesian Water, to name a few. Most of these waters are bottled at a source and then warehoused. As many as 60 days can elapse before bottled water reaches the consumer. Typically, bottled waters are stored in inexpensive polyethylene containers that can impart a “plasticy” taste and odor to the water.

Trust the great taste of FreshPure® Waters. Your water is refined on the spot, not stored for long periods in plastic. When you dispense FreshPure® Waters, you always know they’re fresh and delicious.