Reverse Osmosis Water 


Dispenser-vinjFor great taste, fill your bottle with FreshPure® Waters Reverse Osmosis Water. With trace amounts of minerals, and none of the impurities found in tap water, FreshPure® Waters RO water is our most popular drinking water – a taste favorite! It makes a superior cup of coffee or tea.

Our FreshPure® Waters system pre-filters city water, then forces this filtered water, under very high pressure, through a semi-permeable, reverse osmosis membrane. RO membranes imitate the ability of human cells to filter out impurities. They work on a molecular level to remove up to 99% of any contaminants and minerals in the water remaining after pre-filtration. The FreshPure® Waters RO water then passes through carbon post-filtration in order to enhance its taste. As a final safeguard just prior to dispensing, the water is sterilized by high-intensity ultraviolet light.

Deionized Water

Choose FreshPure® Waters Deionized water whenever ultra-pure water is desired. Comparable in purity to distilled water, FreshPure® Waters DI water is ideal for cleansing fasts and special diets. FreshPure® Waters DI water is truly water and nothing but water!

In the deionization process, water first passes through the pre-filtration and the reverse osmosis systems (above). It is then filtered through a special deionization medium, which further “polishes” the FreshPure® Waters RO water by removing the 1-2% of trace minerals that may remain. This deionized water can exceed distilled bottled water in its purity. Use FreshPure® Waters DI water anywhere you would use distilled water.

High pH WaterHpH-meter

High pH Water is great tasting with many benefits, including permanent alkalization, consistent quality and all of the advantages of reverse osmosis water.

Our High pH water undergoes six stages of treatment before being dispensed. Our High pH water starts as our Premium Reverse Osmosis water followed by multiple stages of enhancement which produces great tasting High pH water.

Our natural alkalization process mimics similar conditions that are found in nature resulting in permanent alkalization. By eliminating the costs that go into the high price of Alkaline bottle water, such as: bottles, preservation, labeling, packaging, shelving, storage and fuel, we are able to deliver FreshPure® Waters High pH Water at a fraction of the cost of bottled alkaline water.



Minerals and Drinking Waters

There is much controversy about minerals in our drinking water. As a species, humans evolved consuming surface water found in streams, rivers and lakes. Surface water is naturally low in minerals. When humans began to dig deep wells, they tapped into groundwater with a much higher mineral content. These minerals exist in a form and quantity that the body cannot easily absorb. Consequently, they tend to build up in the organs and tissues, instead of being utilized by the body. FreshPure® Waters RO water contains only trace levels of minerals (typically 5-20 ppm), similar to the low levels found in fresh surface water.
Optimally, the minerals needed by the body are obtained from either a diet rich in whole foods, or through food-based supplements. All FreshPure® Waters systems are located inside reputable natural food stores. We encourage you to contact their knowledgeable associates for more information and for recommendations on how you can improve your diet, health and well-being. The simple step of adding high-quality water back into your diet can help improve your health tremendously.